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The HARTING Roadshow Truck

Get an edge over the competition by staying on top of connectivity technologies. Learn about the concepts, trends and products relevant to your needs. The HARTING roadshow truck brings technology and solutions to your doorstep.


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Start gaining your edge today by visiting HARTING-U, HARTING’s online educational portal for connectivity technologies and trends. You will find white papers, FAQs, videos and more…

What’s in the HARTING Roadshow Truck?

The HARTING Roadshow Truck is a travelling tradeshow that will educate you on connectivity technologies and trends – so you can find the best solutions for your applications.

Find the perfect products for you at the product stations:

  • Learn about unique solutions for your market at the HARTING market wall
  • Arm yourself with the educational materials you need by building a playlist in HARTING’s Knowledge Center App

Industrial Connectors

HARTING Han® power and mixed media rectangular connectors

Small Form Factor Industrial Connectors

M8/M12 connectors and cordsets, PushPull connectors, service ports for Ethernet and USB, Industrial Ethernet patch cords

Board Level Connectors

DIN 41 612, board-to-board, wire to board, and I/O connectors

Industrial Ethernet Switches and RFID Solutions

Unmanaged, managed, and configurable Ethernet Switches and complete industrial RFID solutions.

Tour Dates

North America Northeast Region Midwest Region West Region South Region

North American Tour

See when the HARTING Roadshow Truck will be near you. Click on the map to see what tour dates are still available in your area and send a request to schedule the truck.

Choose A Region: Northeast Midwest West South

Northeast - Region

Location Date Registration
Ontario, Canada 7/9/2018- 7/18/2018 Learn More
Québec, Canada 7/19/2018- 7/29/2018 Learn More
Vermont- New Hampshire- Maine 7/30/2018- 8/3/2018 Learn More
Massachusetts- Connecticut- Rhode Island 8/6/2018- 8/17/2018 Learn More
E. Pennsylvania- New Jersey- Metro New York 8/20/2018- 8/31/2018 Learn More
W. Pennsylvania 9/24/2018-9/28/2018 Learn More
Delaware- Maryland- Virginia- West Virginia 10/29/2018-11/2/2018 Learn More

Midwest - Region

Location Date Registration
North Dakota- South Dakota- Minnesota 5/28/2018- 6/1/2018 Learn More
Minnesota- Wisconsin 6/4/2018- 6/8/2018 Learn More
Illinois- Iowa- Nebraska 6/11/2018- 6/15/2018 Learn More
Kansas- Missouri 6/18/2018- 6/22/2018 Learn More
Indiana- Michigan 6/25/2018- 6/29/2018 Learn More
Ohio- Kentucky 9/24/2018- 9/28/2018 Learn More
Ohio-Kentucky- Pennsylvania 10/22/2018-10/26/2018 Learn More

West - Region

Location Date Registration
New Mexico- Arizona 2/12/2018- 2/16/2018 Learn More
Southern California 2/19/2018- 3/2/2018 Learn More
Data Center World San Antonio 3/12/2018- 3/16/2018 Learn More
Colorado 3/19/2018- 3/23/2018 Learn More
Utah 3/26/2018- 3/30/2018 Learn More
Nevada 4/2/2018- 4/6/2018 Learn More
Northern California 4/9/2018- 4/13/2018 Learn More
Heilind Tech Expo Seattle 4/16/2018- 4/20/2018 Learn More
Oregon 4/23/2018- 4/27/2018 Learn More
Washington 4/30/2018- 5/4/2018 Learn More
British Columbia, Canada 5/14/2018- 5/18/2018 Learn More
Alberta, Canada 5/21/2018- 5/25/2018 Learn More
San Jose- Heilind Tech Expo 9/13/2018 Learn More

South - Region

Location Date Registration
Alabama 1/8/2018- 1/12/2018 Learn More
Florida 1/15/2018- 1/26/18 Learn More
Louisiana 1/29/2018- 2/2/2018 Learn More
Texas 10/1/2018- 10/12/2018 Learn More
Tennessee- Mississippi- Alabama 11/5/2018- 11/9/2018 Learn More
North Carolina- South Carolina 11/12/2018- 11/16/2018 Learn More
Tennessee- Mississippi- Alabama 11/26/2018- 11/30/2018 Learn More
North Carolina- South Carolina- Georgia 12/3/2018- 12/14/2018 Learn More

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Julie Chatman – – +1 (847) 717-9228